Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association was officially established in 2011 as a non-governmental organization and is headquartered in Singapore, with global offices located in Malaysia, Canada and Taiwan (upcoming).

SEIA endeavors to foster the development of an inclusive, resilient and sustainable community by engaging relevant stakeholders of all sectors -business, government, academic and civil society organization- in collaborative efforts to address and overcome key challenges of the 21st century.

In partnership with Penang State Government and Beijing International Sustainable Development Committee, SEIA co-constituted the Inaugural Penang Hanwang Sustainable Development International Forum in 2015, converging international stakeholders, thought leaders and governmental leaders in high-level meetings and co-operative agendas to strategically deepen cultural and economic ties between ASEAN, China, and Europe.

Over the years, SEIA has also established close partnerships with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Beijing International Sustainable Development Committee, Hanwang Forum, Sage International, Hua Tao International Foundation, Choying Drolma’s Nepal Arya Tara School and Fundación VanderLinde to advocate and enable global sustainable development initiatives.

SEIA is currently working with Eutok Goemba Monastery in Bhutan to co-build Shi-Fu Institute to promote international spiritual cultural exchange.


誠信社會企業家協會是聯結全球關心可持續發展的各界精英、思想領袖、專業人士以及政府政策官員, 希望通過經濟、社會、文化、生態、科技的交流與合作:創新商業模式,提高全球可持續發展能力,推進可持續發展宣傳與教育,呼籲生態環境、經濟模式和道德文明重整,以及創建全新生活模式,以確保人與自然的平衡發展、人與人的和諧共處。


幾年來,我們也與聯合國開發計劃署(UNDP)、北京國際交流協會可持續發展專業委員會、漢旺論壇、知行者國際機構、華道國際基金會、瓊英卓瑪尼泊爾Arya Tara 學院、西班牙林德基金會、等國際組織和單位建立良好合作伙伴關系,也與從事環保、文化藝術、生態規劃等單位保持著密切的配合.

誠信社會企業家協會與不丹Eutok Goemba Monastery 合作構建施福學院促進全球精神文明文化交流。