The Sound of Fate Campus Tour in Ipoh

  • May , 2017

  • San Min Independent Secondary School, Teluk Intan, Perak

The <Sound of Fate> Campus Tour in Ipoh. A long anticipated sharing at San Min Independent Secondary School, Teluk Intan, Perak with the headmaster, Mr Foo Wing Meng and 40 over teachers. Master Lin Tseng Jung began the sharing with the insight of Integrity with love. The teachers were encouraged to constantly remind and evaluate themselves so that they would reach the state of educating oneself and others. According to him, education supposedly is a win-win situation. He further instigated the teachers to let the values of GRATITUDE, MERCIFUL and UNDERSTANDING be the core in educating the future generation.

Master Lin also shared his experience in organizing various projects to promote sustainable development. This resonates with the school’s vision. Thus, SEIA Singapore Malaysia and GTL World will work hand-in-hand with the school towards these 3 goals:

1. develop the ‘One Belt One Road’ international education alliance

2. set up GTL World education awards and scholarships

3. create ETL Toxin Free Campus. Let’s work together in fulfilling our social responsibilities.

2017年5月7日榴槤飘香《缘定今声》在霹雳安顺三民独中胡永铭校长和40多位老师引颈长盼下登场 林增荣老师以”诚信诺爱四字和老师们共勉  经常规范,提醒并审视内在的自己  以达到育人和育己  教育是双赢 控制情绪 以感恩•宽恕•谅解作为培育下一代的核心价值观。

林老师也与校方分享多年来学习到和已落实成功的多项环境可持续发展项目和计划  产生了很大的共鸣和多项共同愿景 新马SEIA诚信社会企业家联谊会和GTLWorld将全力配合此契机  朝三大宏愿: 推进”一带一路”和国际教育战略合作,成立GTLWorld奖励与助学计划,创建”外星之光”生态无毒校园共同努力 履行公义社会责任 践行大光明。