Master Lin Tseng Jung, born Taiwanese, is an influential sustainability advocate and the founder of Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association in Singapore (NGO). In his early thirties, Tseng Jung was an award-winning creative director and pioneer of Taiwan cultural arts. At the prime of his career, Tseng Jung underwent a “spiritual awakening” and left his creative career in Taiwan to follow his spiritual calling. Since then, he has devoted himself completely to spiritual cultivation and environmental sustainability causes before becoming a spiritual teacher in 2003.

Since 2006, Master Lin Tseng Jung has been promoting sustainable development in Southeast Asia and has facilitated cooperation between China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In 2011, he founded Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association (Singapore, Malaysia) and has successfully organized many international forums on sustainable development. He also established GTLWORLD and 外星之光 ETL No.9 in 2013 and has inspired a series of environmental initiatives in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China to improve the quality of life and the environment.


2006年起,林增榮老師一直致力於推動東南亞地區與中國和歐洲的經濟、社會、文化、生態、科技的交流與合作推動全球可持續發展。2011年發起新馬二地以誠信為號召的社會企業家聯誼會,成功舉辦多次國際性會議,同時也2013年成立GTLWORLD 公司引進外星之光全方位有機清潔用品,在新加坡 馬來西亞 香港及中國等地發起一系列的環保運動,為人類及環境的健康而努力