2015 Penang Hanwang Sustainable Development International Forum


G Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Penang State Government | Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee
Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association

2015 Penang Hanwang Sustainable Development International forum is jointly organized by Penang State Government, Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee, Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association, Sage International and Hua Tao International Foundation. It aims to establish regional and sub-regional cooperation among ASEAN countries on sustainable development by creating and achieving mutual economic and social benefits through China’s One Belt One Road policy.

The Hanwang Forum started in year 2012, with the theme of “Disaster Prevention, Disaster Relief and Sustainable Development” which was held to commemorate the 12th May 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The Hanwang Forum has been listed as a strategic cooperation project by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Situated along the coastline of Maritime Silk Road, Penang’s strategic position facilitates regional cooperation in trading, investment and infrastructure development; in developing and opening up new markets in the agricultural, industrial, cultural and creative sector.

The theme for 2015 Penang Hanwang Forum is “One Belt One Road ASEAN Economic Community Economic Partnership”. This year’s forum focuses on seven (7) key areas including Disaster Management; Economic Development and Investment; Ecological and Sustainable Environment; Halal Food Market and Services; Tourism and Culture; Human Capital Development; Health Care.

There were a total of 250 delegates from 12 countries.

2015 年9 月 17-18 日 檳城漢旺可持續發展國際論壇由檳州政府,北京國際交流協會可持續發展委員會,SEIA,Sage 國際和華濤國際基金會聯合主辦。它旨在通過中國的“一帶 一路”政策創造和實現經濟和社會的共同利益,在東盟國家之間建立可持續發展的區域 和次區域合作。

漢旺論壇於 2012 年啟動,主題為“防災,救災和可持續發展”,旨在紀念 2008 年 5 月 12 日的四川地震。漢旺論壇被聯合國開發計劃署 (UNDP) 列為戰略合作項目。

2015 年檳城漢旺論壇的主題是“一帶一路東盟經濟共同體經濟夥伴關係”。今年的論壇重點關注七個關鍵領域,包括災害管理,經濟發展與投資,生態與可持續環境,清真食品市場和服務,旅遊與文化,人力資本開發,衛生保健。共來自 12 個國家,共有 250 名代 表。