Dialogue with Bo Ekman, Founder of Tällberg Foundation

與 Tällberg Foundation 創始人 Bo Ekman 對話

Green Hotel, Tällberg, Sweden | 托爾貝格,瑞典
Mr. Bo Ekman, Founder of Tällberg Foundation

Leading up to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, Mr. Bo Ekman, Chairman Emeritus and Founder of Tällberg Foundation invited Mr. Lin Tseng Jung, Founder of Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association and Mr. Christopher Chuang, Executive Chairman of Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee and international delegates for a dialogue session to discuss and highlight issues that are critical to the future development of the global societies.

During the dialogue, each of the groups presented a video documentary of their collective views and vision on sustainable development and raised an idea to initiate the development of an international eco-village in Asia, China, and Europe simultaneously. At the end of the meeting, the groups reached mutual consensus to support cross-border and cross-sectorial collaborations in the future.