Dialogue with Prof. James Hansen, World's Most Famous Climate Scientist


Stockholm, Sweden | 斯德哥爾摩,瑞典

Prof. James. Hansen is a former Top NASA Climate Scientist, and is currently an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. Worldly known as the “father of global warming research”, Prof. James Hansen was invited to share his opinion on the possible outcome of the coming 2015 Paris Climate Conference. In his speech, Prof. James Hansen highlighted the under-known causes of climate change and emphasized on world unity to promote energy conservation, development of renewable energy and reduction of carbon emissions to improve quality of life on this planet.

During the dialogue, delegates from SEIA and Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee also asked Prof. James Hansen for his advice on how to effectively reduce carbon emissions from existing energy-producing industries and sought his expertise for alternative solutions to replace fossil fuels in energy production.

During the discussion on the controversial topic of substituting fossil fuels with nuclear energy, Mr. Christopher Chuang, Chairman of Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee expressed his observation of the public sentiment towards the usage of Nuclear energy and asked Prof. James Hansen for his advice on how to promote public participation and resilience in combating climate change. Approaching the end of the dialogue, Mr. Chuang reaffirmed that the public and civil society play a critical role in influencing policy process and has the potential to make significant contributions to achieve climate neutrality, and improvement of lives on this planet.

詹姆斯教授。漢森是前美國宇航局氣候科學家,現任哥倫比亞大學地球研究所的兼職 教授。詹姆斯·漢森教授被譽為“全球變暖研究之父”,應邀分享他對即將到來的 2015 年巴黎氣候大會的可能結果的看法。 教授在演講中強調了氣候變化的鮮 為人知的原因,並強調世界團結,以促進節約能源,開發可再生能源和減少碳排放,以改善這個星球上的生活質量。

在對話期間,SEIA 和北京國際交流協會可持續發展委員會的代表也向 James Hansen 教授詢問瞭如何有效減少能源生產行業的碳排放的建議,並尋求替代解決方案的專業知識,以取代能源中的化石燃料生產。 在討論用核能替代化石燃料這一有爭議的議題時,北京國際交流協會可持續發展委員 會主席 Christopher Chuang 先生表達了對公眾對核能利用的看法,並向詹姆斯漢森教授 提出了他的意見。關於如何促進公眾參與和應對氣候變化的複原力的建議。在接近對話結束時,莊先生重申,公眾和民間社會在影響政策進程中發揮著關鍵作用,並有可能為實現氣候中和改善地球上的生活作出重大貢獻。