Educational visit to Tällberg village

Tällberg, Sweden
25 September 2015

Mr. Hans Jensen, Chairman of Tällberg Village Council in Sweden took the committee members of SEIA and Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee on a guided tour around the village of Tällberg. During the tour, Mr. Hans Jensen took the group on a walk around the village and elaborated on the interesting geologic history of lake Siljan, which was formed when a massive meteorite hit Tällberg about 350 million years ago. An incredible amount of transformation occurred in 350 million years and one such transformation is the idea of the Tällberg Forum, drawing visitors from all around the world.

Tällberg is a little village located in Leksand Municipality, Dalarna County in Sweden. It is situated on the shore of Lake Siljan, in the northern part of Leksand. A special character of the village is that all houses and buildings are made of wood, such as timber or log. The village itself has about 200 permanent residents. It has developed from a farmer´s village in the beginning of 1900 to one of the most known tourist and visitor resorts in Sweden.

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