Garden Of The Year Awards (GOYA) 2022

年度花園獎 (GOYA) 2022

Singapore 新加坡

Received the “Garden of the Year Award (GOYA) 2022” from the National Parks Board.  Represents gardens with a high standard of horticultural excellence and design.  Excellent community garden with community involvement and outstanding quality of education and outreach.  We would like to thank ETL and GTL World for their sponsorship and contribution to green environmental sanitation and healthy and sustainable development.

領取公園局颁发「年度花園獎」 (GOYA) 2022。代表花園具有卓越園藝和設計、高水平。社區參與以及出色教育和外展質量的卓越社區花園。感謝外星之光與 GTL World 贊助,為綠色環境衛生與健康可持續發展做出貢獻和努力。