人類健康大會 — 瘟疫应对的系统方案国际研讨会

Aviemore, Scotland
: International Health and Environmental Organisation, The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, Shen Foundation, Hanwang Forum, Cercel Mondial du Consensus: Consensus for Self-Sustaining People, Organisations and Communities (CMDC-SPOC, UN Accredited NGO)

The conference brought together researchers, practitioners and innovators to raise awareness and initiate actions to address the global risk of pandemic, drawing on both conventional medicine and ancient wisdom. The HFH seek to create effective and scalable long-term solutions to promote improved health, reduce pandemic risk and increase capacity to respond to pandemics. The meeting will include practitioners and experts in relevant disciplines from China, the US, and Europe.

Conference Goals:

  • Improve health for humanity by promoting immunity and disease prevention.
  • Actively promote the application of immunity recovery and enhancement in pandemic response.

Topics of Plenary Sessions:

  • Holistic View of Pandemic Risk, Disease Emergence, and Ecological Connections: Disease in human history, social, political, and economic consequences.
  • Pandemic Prevention and Resilience in Individuals and Communities: Exploring how to bring together ancient wisdom and conventional medicine in order to strengthen personal immunity, improve health, reduce pandemic risk and optimise both the individual and group response to pandemics?
  • Approaches by Tools: What cultural and societal tools, new and old, can we employ to advance the development of solutions?
  • Integrative and Complex Systems Thinking: How can we bring greater awareness of the interconnectedness of ecosystem health and the risk of disease emergence? How may human culture and civil society demonstrate resilience and a creative evolutionary response in the face of the fear and economic destabilization that a severe pandemic will incur?

Featured Speakers:

  • Dr David Nabarro (Special recorded message) -Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Food Security and Nutrition, the Senior UN System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza.
  • Dr W. Brian Arthur, External Professor Santa Fe Institute, Former Morrison Professor of  Population Studies and Economics, and Professor of Human Biology, Stanford University.
  • Dr Eric Rasmussen, CEO, Infinitum Humanitarian Systems (IHS). Leads IHS’  humanitarian support and disaster response worldwide. Affiliate Associate Prof. of  Medicine, Univ. Washington.
  • Dr Ann Marie Kimball, Senior Program Officer of Epidemiology and Surveillance Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Juan Lubroth (representative) UN Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Prof Mark Harrison, Wellcome Unit, History of Medicine, Oxford University.
  • James Newcomb, Managing Director of Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Frank Qian, China Ageing Development Foundation
  • Prof Yanjie Gao, Director and Senior Engineer & Statistician, Department of Information Technology for Healthcare, Ministry of Health, P.R. China.
  • Dr Rebecca Goolsby, US Office of Naval Research, Anthropology and Social Media Expert
  • Dr Zaijin Ren, Deputy Secretary General, China Medical Women’s Association.
  • Dr Bisong Guo, Director, Shen Foundation, Member of the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Societies, Classical Chinese Medicine Society.
  • Dr. BaoYan Liu, President of World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies (WFAS), China and executive vice president of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
  • Dr Zhijian Zheng, Consultant and Specialist in Acupressure and Acupuncture, Beijing  hospital: Research and development programme to enhance immunity through Acupoint stimulation.