Meeting with Gunnar Söderholm, Director at The Environmental and Health Administration in the city of Stockholm

與斯德哥爾摩市環境與健康管理局局長 GunnarSöderholm 會面

City of Stockholm Environment & Health Administration | 斯德哥爾摩市環境與健康管理局

The delegates from Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association and Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee met with Mr. Gunnar Söderholm, Director at The Environmental and Health Administration in the city of Stockholm for an exchange to gain invaluable insight into the health, environmental, and transport policies in Stockholm, the first Green Capital in Europe.

In his presentation, Mr. Gunnar Söderholm introduced his agency’s vision for 2030 (Combining Growth with Sustainable Development) and announced their plans & strategies to achieve fossil-fuel free by 2040. Hammarby Sjöstad: Stockholm’s Sustainable Urban Eco-District was used as an example to illustrate their integrated sustainable approach and long term perspective in policy process. Notable features of the Hammarby Sjöstad include: eco-cycle model, integrated transport and land use, renewable energy use, and sustainable development.

Stockholm also has plans to introduce new metro line, financed by the city’s congestion charges tax (similar to Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing). By 2022, 100% of buses in Stockholm will be powered by renewable fuel. Electrical vehicles, plug in hybrids and new infrastructure are also expected to roll out in the city of Stockholm by 2030.

At the end of dialogue, the delegates from SEIA and BIEASDC presented a calligraphy painting titled “Nature” in traditional Chinese writing to Mr.Gunnar  Söderholm as a token of appreciation and cultural remembrance.

來自 SEIA 和北京國際交流協會可持續發展委員會代表與斯德哥爾摩市環境與健康管理局局長 GunnarSöderholm 會面進行交流,以獲得對健康,環境和運輸寶貴見解。斯德哥爾摩的政策 – 歐洲第一個綠色首都。
演講中,GunnarSöderholm 先生介紹了他的機構對 2030 年的願景 (將增長與可持續發展相結合),並宣布了他們到 2040 年實現無化石燃料的計劃和戰 略.HammarbySjöstad:以斯德哥爾摩的可持續城市生態區為例說明他們在政策過程中的綜合可持續方法和長期觀點。HammarbySjöstad 的顯著特徵包括:生態循環模型, 綜合運輸和土地使用,可再生能源使用和可持續發展。

在對話結束時,來自 SEIA 和 BIEASDC 的代表們向 GunnarSöderholm 先生贈送了一幅名 為“自然”的書法作品,作為欣賞和文化記憶的象徵。