Meeting with Kristina Persson, Minister for Strategic Development and Nordic Cooperation, Sweden

Rosenbad, Prime Minister’s Office in Stockholm, Sweden
29 September 2015

The Founder and Committee Members of SEIA met Ms. Kristian Persson, Minster for Strategy, Future Issues and Noordic Cooperation at Rosenbad, the Prime Minister’s Office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Quoting Ms. Kristina Persson’s speech at the meeting “Politics currently faces major challenges – and great opportunities. A new and complex playing field for politics demands new approaches and cooperation. Innovation thinking and new paths are needed to reconcile competitiveness and job creation with ecological sustainability and inclusive social development and growth.”

As a minister responsible for Strategy, Future Issues and Nordic Cooperation, Ms. Persson’s overall task is to identify and increase knowledge of cross-sectoral and strategic issues that are particularly important to Sweden’s future development, and that require more attention, initiative and coordination.

During the meeting, Ms. Persson has highlighted three analysis groups: ‘The future of work’, ‘The green transition and competitiveness,’ and ‘Global Cooperation’, with the representatives from Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association and Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee.

Ms. Persson also said that the government has plans for a fossil-free Swedish vehicle fleet by 2030 and a carbon-neutral Sweden by 2050. In the end, she re-emphasized that it is possible to reduce carbon emissions while sustaining economic growth.

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