Meeting with Ulrika Liljeberg, Mayor of Leksand, Sweden

與瑞典 Leksand 市長 Ulrika Liljeberg 會面

Green Hotel, Tällberg, Sweden | 綠色酒店, 托爾貝格,瑞典

Mr. Lin Tseng Jung, Founder of SEIA and Directors of Beijing International Exchange Association Sustainable Development Committee visited Ms. Ulrika Liljeberg, Mayor of Leksand, Sweden in Tällberg for research and international cultural exchange.

During the meeting, Ms. Ulrika Liljeberg presented an introduction of Leksand and gracefully invited the delegates from China and Singapore to share their views on the commonalities and/or differences in the educational and environmental policies in Asia and Europe.

At the end of the meeting, the group represented a modern Chinese painting to Ms. Ulrika Liljeberg as a token of appreciation and cultural remembrance.

Leksand Municipality (Leksands kommun) is a municipality in Dalarna County in central Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Leksand. The current population of Leksand is  15 300. Leksand is also known for its outstanding hockey teams.

SEIA 創辦人兼北京國際交流協會可持續發展委員會副會長林增榮先生訪問了 Tällberg 瑞典 Leksand 市市長 Ulrika Liljeberg 女士。
會議期間,Ulrika Liljeberg 女士介紹了 Leksand,邀請中國和新加坡代表分享他們對亞 歐教育和環境政策的共同性和/或差異的看法。

在會議結束時,該小組贈送了 Ulrika Liljeberg 女士的一幅現代中國畫,作為欣賞和文化 記憶的象徵。
Leksand Municipality(Leksands kommun)是瑞典中部 Dalarna 縣的一個自治市。它的 座位位於 Leksand 鎮。Leksand 目前的人口是 15 300. Leksand 也因其出色的曲棍球隊而 聞名。