Official Meeting with Provost (Mayor) Alex Graham of Inverness, Scotland

正式會晤蘇格蘭Alex Graham of Inverness 教務長(市長)

Inverness Townhouse, Scotland UK | 因弗內斯市政局,蘇格蘭

SEIA Committee Members paid an official visit to the Inverness Townhouse of Scotland for a close-up session with Provost Mayor Alex Graham, Inverness to find out more about the immigration and future project-investment policies for Singaporeans. Provost Mayor Alex Graham had also given a privileged tour of the Townhouse to the committee members of SEIA.

Mdm. Wee Lay Yong, President of SEIA also presented a gift from Singapore to thank Provost Mayor Alex Graham for his kind and generous hospitality.

SEIA 委員會成員正式訪問蘇格蘭因弗內斯,與普羅沃斯特市長亞歷克斯格雷厄姆會 議,以了解更多有關新加坡移民和未來項目投資政策的信息。教務長市長亞歷克斯·格 雷厄姆(Alex Graham)引領 SEIA 委員會成員參觀巿政庁。
MDM。SEIA 主席 Wee Lay Yong 代表新加坡贈送禮物,感謝 Provost 市長 Alex Graham 的熱情款待。