Official Visit to Cawdor Castle at Scottish Highlands, Scotland


Cawdor Castle, Nairn IV12 5RD, UK | 考德城堡,蘇格蘭高地

SEIA’s official visit to Cawdor Castle, one of the oldest & largest castle in Scottish Highlands.  By privileged invitation, SEIA committee and fellow social entrepreneurs were given a guided tour of the castle and had an interactive tea session with Dowager Countess Angelika Cawdor at the magnificent guest hall.

SEIA 正式訪問 Cawdor 城堡,這是蘇格蘭高地最古老,最大的城堡之一。通過安排邀請,SEIA 委員和其他社會企業家參觀預先開放的城堡,並與 Dowager Countess Angelika Cawdor 進行了茶會。