On the Threshold of Human Evolution: Exploration and Practice towards the Common Destiny of Humankind


Chengdu, Sichuan, China | 成都,四川

The conference ‘On the Threshold of the Next Evolution: Exploration and Practice towards the Common Destiny of Humankind’ organised by the Aurora Borealis Foundation brought together 200 participants from China, Sweden and other Western, Eastern and Southern countries, including business executives, entrepreneurs, government officials, professionals and artists to discuss and dialog on the future and evolution of the humankind.

Jeanne-Marrie Gescher, one of the world’s leading advisor in China and author of Becoming China, the Story Behind the State talked about the separation of humanness in our professional lives and that the lack of human qualities such as empathy, integrity and humility contributed to the consequences of the problems we face today.

Simon Jones, board member of the Aurora Borealis Foundation pointed out that in a world where digital technologies are changing at an enormous speed, we must not allow the young people to lose themselves in the hope of making a startup, a profit, or a market profit; we have to ensure that the young people also have deep roots to values in terms of what’s right and what’s wrong, so that successful business – business that we as a planet can be proud of for the common prosperity and the common destiny of humankind, remains as always.

During the conference, Océane Yang, Secretary General of SEIA Singapore shared that the purpose of innovation and youth leadership is not about entrepreneurship, skills, technicality or knowledge, as the world has no lack of entrepreneurs. What the world needs most are cultural workers, community leaders and social entrepreneurs with the heart skill, who is able to speak the language of the human heart, who is able to lead others to lead themselves to improve the socio-economical and environmental conditions in this current world. And if there’s a message for the youth, the future leaders of the world, that is to encourage them to dream big – not referring to the scale of their business, but the capacity of their heart and their ability to help achieve happiness for everyone on this planet. The very reason for the need to promote happiness is because there are great disharmony and unhappiness due to the lack of and misalignment of ethics, compassion and integrity in all aspects of human life and activities. Therefore, the purpose of innovation is to help achieve restoration and realignment of these human qualities in our current world.

And lastly, she thanked Master Jonathan Lin and all the mentors for all their collective efforts over the years to make this event a historical event in the discourse of human evolution. The key message and purpose of education, as well as innovation, is “how to become a successful human being.” And that is the true purpose of human life.

北極光基金會組織的“關於下一個進化的門檻:人類共同命運的探索和實踐會議聚集了來自中國,瑞典和西方,東方及南方國家的 200 名參與者,包括企業高管,企業家,政府官員,專業人士和藝術家討論和對話,人類的未來和進化。