Road to Happiness: Handover of Occupancy Certificate

幸福之路 :施福學院移交入住證

Paro, Bhutan | 帕羅,不丹

At the beginning of 2019, my heart was shaken, so happy for the future. After three years Looking back, everything that happened has came to fruitarion. The Bhutanese government issued a Occupancy Certificate  for the building A of Bhutan Shi-fu College, which became a Christmas gift. Thank you everyone

2019 起了初心動了念 於是開心向未來 歴經三年, 所有發生回頭而看已成智慧。不丹政府頒發施福學院 A 棟校舍的入住證成了聖誕禮物,感謝每一個人。