Windsor Ballroom, Goodwood Park Hotel
Hosted by: 外星之光 ETL No.7 | 9
Supported by: Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association (SEIA)
17 November, 2014

As the Chinese saying goes, “Ten minutes of glory on stage takes ten years of hardwork”. To conmemorate the efforts & accomplishments of SEIA since 2011, the committee members of SEIA personally directed and performed in a “50’s – 90’s” themed musical play to express their love & gratitude towards their friends, families & everyone in the community who has selflessly supported and contributed to the endeavors in promoting a harmonious, compassionate & sustainable society. Guests who attended the play includes Prof. W Brian Arthur (Senior Advisor to the president of NTU), Dr. Guo Bisong (Director of Shen Foundation), Mr. Lim Kay Hiong (Former President of NAFA Alumni Association), Dr. Loretta Chen (Curator & presenter of the Art of Lush on 99.5FM) and fellow entrepreneurs and community members in Singapore.

Mdm. Shirley Wee, President of SEIA officially announced Dr. Loretta Chen as the Public Service Ambassador of 2015.

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