SEIA x Berjaya University Sustainable Education Programme

SEIA x Berjaya University 可持續發展教育計劃

Berjaya University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 成功大學,吉隆坡,馬來西亞

After months of communication and exchanges, SEIA and Berjaya University reached an agreement to jointly develop a new cooperation model and actively promote the three major issues of moral reconstruction, environmental reconstruction, and economic reconstruction.  After 17 years of exploration and experience, we believe that there must be an innovative model to change the future of mankind.  Carry out cooperation with universities in relevant countries in the fields of interconnection, production capacity cooperation, scientific and technological innovation and cultural exchanges, and jointly explore a sustainable development path in which the economy, society and environment are coordinated and advanced.  Malaysia BERJAYA Higher Education Group takes the lead in responding to the establishment of the Belt and Road Education Alliance and the establishment of a cooperative teaching center. It will implement the sustainable development path of global economy, society and environment.

經過幾個月的溝通與交流,SEIA 與 Berjaya University 達成協議 共同發展新型合作模式,積極推動道德重建,環境重建,經濟重建的三大議題。經過17年來探索與經歷,我們認為要改變人類的未來必須有創新的模式。會同有關國家各高校在互聯互通、產能合作、科技創新及文化交流等領域開展合作,共同探索出一條經濟、社會、環境協調並進的可持續發展之路。馬來西亞 BERJAYA 高等教育集團率先響應成立一帶一路教育聯盟,成立合作教學中心.並將落實全球經濟、社會、環境協調並進的可持續發展之路。