The Global Environment Reconstruction Seminar


Beijing Hotel, China | 中国 北京饭店

The Global Environmental Reconstruction Symposium was held at the Beijing Hotel from May 22nd to 24th, 2015.

The theme of the conference was Global Environmental Reconstruction.

Topics included ethics civilization, financial order and ecological environment reconstruction, sustainable economic model.

In conclusion, it was proposed that a new platform for intelligent communication and execution be established that can be the channel for channeling financial support.

International guests at the conference included the UN Special Envoy on Climate Change. former Irish President Mary Robinson, and prominent economist Dr. Brian..

全球環境重建座談會於 2015 年 5 月 22 日至 24 日在北京飯店舉辦,會議主旨圍繞全球 環境重建,其中包括道德文明、金融秩序和生態環境重建、可持續發展的經濟模式, 最後倡議設立新型智慧交流與實踐平臺,以及能夠作為金融支援的流動系統。 聯合國氣候變化問題特使暨愛爾蘭前總統—瑪麗·羅賓遜女士