The Sound of Fate Campus Tour in Penang


Penang Branch National Union of Heads of Schools | 檳城分會全國校長工會

The <Sound of Fate> Campus Tour at Penang Branch National Union of Heads of Schools.
Master Lin Tseng Jung was invited to share his view and experience with more than 70 heads of schools and educators on the relevance and importance of love in school education process. This is to encourage educators to spread the seed of love, to explore and break through various stage of life and challenges with love. He also shared his experience as Vice Chairman of Beijing International Exchange Association, Sustainable Development Committee and Founder of Social Entrepreneurs with Integrity Association. These organizations have successfully organized various projects in promoting sustainable development and rebuilding the world with love, Master Lin also presented the idea of One Belt One Road South East Asia Ecology Education Alliance and the ETL Toxin Free Campus Project to the attendees present, with the hope to lead Penang towards a brighter future with “LOVE.”

榴槤飄香《緣定今聲》巡講與馬來西亞全國校長職工會檳州分會結緣,林增榮老師受邀與 70多位掌校者、教育傳承者細說當年,談起親身是如何被愛感染而走上光明人生征途, 以此勉勵校長們用善念傳播大愛種子探索和突破人生各種階段和挑戰,分享參與北京可持續發展委員會及 SEIA 誠信社會企業家聯誼會,落實多項世界用愛重建工程和可持續性發展等經驗,讓每一位聆聽者一起參與了一次愛的征途。林老師最後也倡議了一帶一路東南亞生態教育聯盟並推介了 “外星之光” 生態無毒校園,帶領檳州杏壇走向愛與光明的未來。