The Svalbard Gathering 2016

Svalbard Global Seed Vault
11-14 May 2016

On May 11, 2016, Mr. Lin Tseng Jung, Founder of SEIA and the team of committee members participated in a international gathering hosted by the Aurora Borealis Foundation in Svalbard.

This gathering convened an international group of more than 150 remarkable academics, artists, poets, educationalists, ecologists, scientists and economists from all over the world to Svalbard (home of the Global Seed Vault) to discuss and reflect on some of the most difficult questions our planet faces today – how can we address a world beset by systemic crises; why should we not trust existing systems and institutions; what steps might we take as an interdependent human community?



来自世界各地的参会者相聚在斯瓦尔巴一起谈论和反思当前地球面对的一些最困难的问题 – 我们如何解决世界系统性危机的困扰; 我们为什么不应该相信现有的系统和机构; 作为独立的人类社区我们可以采取什么措施? 在本周的相聚将会有更多的学习收获。

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