Toxin Free Community Workshop at Municipal Council of Seberang Prai

Municipal Council of Seberang Prai
7 March 2017

Leading up to the Penang Hanwang International Forum on Environmental Sustainability in July 2017, the committee members of SEIA and the co-founder and speaker for Global “We Support No-Pesticides Movement”, Ms Océane Yong gathered at the Municipal Council of Seberang Prai to deliver an environmental workshop on “toxin-free community” with the Penang state government ministry officials and local councils.

ETL team also proposed innovative solutions to make Penang a greener, healthier, sustainable and happier city for everyone.

YB Phee Boon Poh, Penang Minister of Welfare, Caring Society and Environment also shared his invaluable insights and experiences on environmental rehabilitation.


针对2017/7月槟城汉旺国际论坛-环境可持续性发展议题,3月7日,在槟城政府环境部部长YB彭文宝的带领下,所有州政府环境部官员与地方市议会管理高层历史性地第一次齐聚一堂,在MPSP市政府视听室进行了第一场”让槟城更清洁,绿色以及持续性健康发展”无毒社区教育工作坊。来自SEIA新加坡诚信社会企业家联谊会的主讲嘉宾Océane Yang(全球无农药运动推动者)向30多位环境保护决策与执行单位主任讲解如何善用”外星之光”环境重建的解决方案,以平衡土地与环境的概念來解决和预防各种相关环境问题(包括餐饮业和畜牧业)。檳城州政府環境部彭部长在互动问答环节中也发自肺腑地分享他多年在推动环境重建的感想和经验。

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