We Are Together – Little Food Bank x Community

我們在一起 - 食物小銀行 x 社區

Sungai Chua Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia | 錫米山 加影,雪蘭莪,馬來西亞

We are together Kajang Sungai Chua Kwan Tung Village Food Bank to distribute and donate materials to families in need.  With the help of local forces, businesses and residents were gathered to donate materials enthusiastically, which opened up the spirit of mutual help among community residents.  Ongoing on the 15th of each month. The ETL team promotes the activities of the small food bank to awaken the kindness and compassion of many people.

Sharing is a blessing. Let’s spend a difficult but loving moment together. Mini Bank Makanan Kwan Tung Provide tribute to the White Flag movement. We are grateful for you.

We are together 錫米山關東新村食物小銀行開始分發捐贈物資給需要幫助的家庭。借助當地的力量,匯聚商家與居民們踴躍的捐贈物資,開啓了社區居民們守望互助的精神。每月十五日持續進行。外星之光團隊推動食物小銀行的活動喚醒很多人的良善與慈悲.

分享就是祝福, 我們一起度過困難但充滿愛的片刻, 關東新村食物銀行向白旗致敬, 感謝有你 有你真好.