We Are Together – Little Food Bank x Entrepreneurs

我們在一起 - 食物小銀行 x 企業家

Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia | 加影,雪蘭莪,馬來西亞

We collaborate with Bank Makanan Kita Bersama, Co-sponsored by entrepreneurs, they began to distribute and donate materials to families in need.  With the help of local forces, the merchants actively donated materials and brought together the spirit of helping each other.  It was distributed for the first time today, initiated by a group of entrepreneurs, Farmasi GoodMedic, Logamjadi and ETL.  Let us join hands in this difficult time and continue to distribute donations on the 16th of every month.

Like light shining on the path of hope…Thank you for everyone’s support and blessings, Malaysia Boleh !


We are together, Bank Makanan Kita Bersama, 由企業家發心共同發起,開始分發捐贈物資給需要幫助的家庭。借助當地力量,匯聚商家踴躍的捐贈物資,發揮守望互助的精神。今天首次分發,由一群企業家民信西藥行、嘉一五金及外星之光等聯合發起。讓我們在此艱難的時刻 一起攜手,在每月的16號持續進行發放捐贈物資。

像光一般照著希望的路…感謝所有人的支持與祝福, 馬來西亞加油!